Data Collecting for Life (Crowdsourcing for Health)

Can we use mobile devices to collect statistical data about our everyday lives for the benefit of science? As I play around with my iPod Touch, it occurred to me that these mobile devices could be a convenient tool for collecting massive amounts of data about how we live. It may be wonder whether the NIH or NSF should create an application (doesn’t have to be iPhone specific, but this represents a convenient delivery model) that allows Americans (or people globally) to track a few key indicators of health. I realize apps exists to help individuals get in shape that capture similar information (The Carrot, among others come to mind) and they may pool this information, but they primarily focus on the individual. But I’m thinking of a simple-to-use, well-designed app that aggregates on the national level. 

Would such an app be useful to the medical or scienitific communities?


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